Questions & Answers

21470522_SQ- How long is the average pony party?

A- The time required for a pony at a party is one hour. Large groups and multiple ponies require more time and available for varying price packages.

Q- Who provides clean-up after the ponies?

A- Our handlers clean-up after the ponies.

Q- How many ponies are needed for the average party?

A- One pony can service 1-25 children for the hour with multiple rides.

Q- Are there winter time pony parties?

A- Our ponies will attend parties in all four seasons.

Q- Should I walk along along with my child on the pony?

A- We request that children four years of age and under be accompanied by an adult.


Q- Are you insured?

A- Mike’s Party Ponies is fully insured.


*Please, no balloons in the immediate pony area. (the popping sound scares them)

*Please, keep dogs and other family pets at a safe distance from the ponies.

*Please, always walk in front of the ponies, never behind them.

*Please, the pony walk area must be obstacle free.